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Pregnancy & Infancy Loss Grief Counseling

Pascale offers bereavement counseling to parents who lose a child during pregnancy, at birth or in early infancy. At a time of great pain and loneliness, she provides emotional support as well as education about the grief process and how to handle the many consequences of the loss, such as:

  • How to guide family and friends to support the couple.

  • How to cope with different grieving styles.

  • How to manage the anxiety of a pregnancy after a loss.

  • How to memorialize the baby.


Listen to a recent interview  (starts at 1:30) with Pascale about her work with pregnancy and infancy loss.

“Doctor Pascale was able to meet with us at the perfect time, very soon after the loss. She let us know that the work we were going to do was going to be collaborative. We didn’t know what we needed to go on. But we would work together with her to figure it out. She listened, validated and inserted bits of reflection and wisdom to get us through to whatever was next.

We worked through my baby’s due date, Mother’s Day, other people’s baby showers and then seeing their newborns. We worked through my additional medical concerns and the journey I shared with my husband to becoming foster parents for the first time. There were many more dates and events that unexpectedly triggered the enormous grief. Doctor Pascale was steady and always there for me to say the things that were too hard to say to anyone else.”

H and M (mid-pregnancy loss)

"While there is no guidebook for traversing the deep grief of stillbirth, Pascale gave us essential tools to carve our own path: educational resources for our community, confidence to set firm boundaries, and space to remember our daughter with sorrow and joy.

Pascale's stories from other loss parents helped us feel less alien, less lonely. We began to see that we are part of a unique, complex, and heartfelt network of grieving parents.

Through our weekly calls, Pascale helped us wade through the complications of grief and deepen the love we hold for our unique family. By modeling compassion and kindness, she helped us build a more loving and supportive community.

Now that we are raising our second daughter, the skills I gained from our weekly conversations are serving me in all aspects of my life, beyond grief and motherhood."

C and B (stillbirth)

“Pascale was there for us after the traumatic loss of our son. At the time we couldn't conceive it was possible to pick up the pieces of our shattered hearts. But Pascale held a lantern down the dark path of grief, and we learned to walk it. We found a way to claim the journey as our own, a meaningful chapter in our life. Pascale provided a sense of ease and safety that helped us explore every dimension of our loss and still keep our feet on the ground. She held up a bigger picture for us when we couldn't see it, which was life-affirming and gave us hope. We couldn't have made it through our darkest time without her. She will always be our earth angel.”

S and E (mid-pregnancy loss)

“I am incredibly grateful for the profound impact Pascale has had on my healing journey after the devastating loss of my baby. From the moment we connected, her compassion and understanding created a safe space for me to openly share my deepest emotions and fears, even during those times I felt I couldn’t open up, or do anything at all. Her expertise in grief counseling, unwavering support, and guidance through the darkest moments of my life have helped me find ways to honor and remember my baby, rebuild, and find hope amidst the pain. I am forever grateful for the tremendous compassion, support and guidance Pascale has shared with me. I will cherish my experience with Pascale, and carry so many of her words with me for the rest of my life.”

K (mid-pregnancy loss)

“Pascale has been a guiding light in our journey through the darkness of grief. Lost in the early days of our new normal, we desperately read book after book, hoping to find some solace, in the message of others. Pascale’s book was the single resource that made a difference and spoke to us. When we had the chance to connect with Pascale, she was just amazing. We were no longer alone. She gave us strength and helped us recognize that our pain was all the love we had for our angel baby, with nowhere to go. We were supported, heard and nurtured in our darkest days. She taught us to practice hope, and to allow ourselves to heal after such a devastating loss. There aren’t enough words to describe how invaluable Pascale has been. Thank You for saving us from the deepest depths of grief and despair.”

A and C (infancy loss)

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