Pascale offers bereavement counseling to parents who lose a child during pregnancy, at birth or in early infancy. At a time of great pain and loneliness, she provides emotional support in the home, as well as education about the grief process and how to handle the many consequences of the loss. She meets with parents and other family members as long as support is needed, and at other times when the grief is triggered by anniversaries or subsequent pregnancies.

Listen to a recent interview with Pascale about her work with perinatal loss.

"Pascale helped me process the loss of my son during pregnancy and helped me through a subsequent pregnancy filled with worry. Her support and guidance were key to managing my grief and healing. Techniques that she helped me learn have also expanded my ability to live in the present. Our time together continues to ripple through my life at home and work in such a positive way."
- Anonymous client
"When our baby died, Pascale helped us to know that our feelings were normal, and she gave us practical tips on how to navigate them. She even suggested ideas on how to preserve our son's memory and how to discuss our loss with others. Meeting with Pascale gave my husband and me an opportunity to come closer together instead of farther apart. We know we will never forget our son, and that our sadness will always be with us in some way. But we now know how to bear the grief with increasing hope."
- K and L